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"Jaxson is 2 years old and was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in August of this year. My husband and I had concerns and suspicions before we received an official dagnosis and tried to prepare ourselves accordingly, but the news proved to be no less devastating. We grieved the loss of the future that we had envisioned for our son, for our family. There was so much that we didn't know or understand about this disorder and its treatments; we had no idea where to start. Once we started getting educated and exploring different treatment options, we realized that the cost of therapies and treatments for autism is great, but resources seem few and far between. We not only worry about making the best decisions for Jaxson's care but also about paying for that care. Thankfully, God has placed in our path wonderful people, like you, who have provided us guidance, support and strength on this new lifelong journey. Please know that you are truly giving hope and help to many families, and we are so very honored to be one of them. Finding out that our sweet boy is autistic was like being thrown into a dark maze with no map, no sense of direction, no end in sight. So thank you for the diligent work that you are doing; thank you for being a light to those of us that sometimes feel lost in the darkness."  

-Nicole, scholarship recipient

Offering Hope on a Lifelong Journey
We are a Christian organization providing financial and spiritual support, encouragement, community resources and services to families with disabilities. 


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